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Circa 1914, blue crossed swords mark, incised D287, impressed 100, first modeled by Paul Scheurich in 1912
The Commedia dell’arte figure of Harlequin dressed in a leotard, leaning towards the figure of Columbine standing on point in a frilled dress adorned with bows, on an oval base
27 cm high

* Paul Scheurich (1883-1945) was as fascinated by the world of theatre as porcelain artists 250 years earlier had been. He produced countless variations on the themes of dance, masquerade, gallantry and the grotesque - in the Rococo style and modelled to the high degree of meticulous sophistication so typical of him.
The young Paul Scheurich was as thrilled as anyone when Russian ballet took the cities of Europe by storm in the early 20th century. He was inspired to produce his “Russian Ballet” figure group upon attending a guest performance of “Le Carnaval”.
The five Russian male and female dancers he depicted were his first and his most successful works for MEISSEN.
Their light-hearted poise, dynamic and weightless, has lost none of its appeal over the ages. Scheurich freezes his Russian dancers in full motion - making grand gestures and with skirts and coat-tails flying - as if in a snapshot
Estimate: $2500 - 1800
Sold: $3450
* Price includes buyer's premium
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